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Sector 130, Noida

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WP-210 & 211, Sector 130, Near Shri Ram Millennium Schoo, Noida, Uttar Pradesh - 201301


FP heading divider_Best Pre-School, Day-care & Creche in Sector 130, Noida
  • 9-18Months old
  • 15Class size
Play Group
  • 19-30Months old
  • 18Class size
Pre Nursery
  • 31-42Months Old
  • 24Class size
  • 43-54Months Old
  • 24Class size
  • 54+Months Above
  • 24Class size

Centre Head

FP heading divider_Best Pre-School, Day-care & Creche in Sector 130, Noida
Centre Head_Best Pre-School, Day-care & Creche in Sector 130, Noida

Manjira Kachru

Center Directress

With an experience of over 13 years in HR Management, and a Masters’ degree in Human Resources & Administration, I have a career history of Directing, Organizational Management, Strategic Planning, Talent Selection, and Training Facilitation. After starting my career from HR Generalist position, I left my role as HR Manager in order to move to pre-school and child care industry.

In spite of having a strong background in Human Resources, it was only after my participation in several voluntary CSR activities, that I came to understand the importance of contribution towards society in the form of personal attention and care.

My primary motivation was the time I spent with my children during my sabbatical. It felt to me that no picture is as beautiful as their smile and no music as sweet as their laughter. It was then that I took the decision to shift into the Pre-school industry, thus taking up the position of Director with Footprints Childcare.

It’s been a wonderful journey of almost 2 years with Footprints so far, and it feels great seeing all the bright-eyed happy children grow and develop in their own unique manner. I am very keen to apply my skill and expertise to focus on the holistic development of the children and to help imbibe the moral and ethical values in them; while providing the gentle care that they expect from the twinkle in their eyes.

“Children do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care” – T Roosevelt (26th U.S. President)



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